New Year, New Warm-Up Format

As with every year, I have good intentions with #Blaugust. I know it’s supposed to be daily, but if I can get myself to post weekly, that would be a huge improvement.

Last year, I updated my warm-up files so that all five days would fit on one piece of paper (front-back); I wanted to use less paper overall and I wanted the students’ warm-up folders to be more reasonably sized. This year, I want to incorporate Estimation 180 into the warm-up, but I want to do it every day. So, I added this section to the top of the page:


Here’s the pdf and the word doc.

As Summer Ends

In June, at the close of the last school year, I told myself that I would start preparing for the new school year in August. Well, here we are, and yet I can’t bring myself to jump in. During each of the past nine summers, I’ve always worked on school stuff during the summer. Especially early in my career, I would work every week in July and August – I would tell myself I could have one day a week so that I would still get to relax.

This summer, I decided not to work at all in July. Lesson planning doesn’t take nearly as long as it used to and even though Virginia’s implementing curriculum changes this year, I’m not intimidated by it. Still, here’s August and I’m not sure I’m ready.

I taught summer school once – it was actually the summer before my first full year of teaching and I learned a lot. But, I didn’t actually feel like I had much of a break between college and the school year. And the school year was exhausting. Ever since, I’ve never wanted to take on summer school; I need the full two months to refuel. Historically, by the time I go back, two weeks before Labor Day, I’m finally ready. And after those two weeks, I’m ready for students. Just in time, every year.