New Year, New Warm-Up Format

As with every year, I have good intentions with #Blaugust. I know it’s supposed to be daily, but if I can get myself to post weekly, that would be a huge improvement.

Last year, I updated my warm-up files so that all five days would fit on one piece of paper (front-back); I wanted to use less paper overall and I wanted the students’ warm-up folders to be more reasonably sized. This year, I want to incorporate Estimation 180 into the warm-up, but I want to do it every day. So, I added this section to the top of the page:


Here’s the pdf and the word doc.

One thought on “New Year, New Warm-Up Format

  1. Blaugust is supposed to be whatever you want or need it to be. Ultimately, it’s a way to challenge yourself to blog more often, whether that be weekly or whatever. You do you! 🙂

    I’ve been working on my warmup structure too, but I really like the clean lines of yours. 🙂

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