Algebra II Warm-Up Template

I was inspired to redo my warm-up template so that it fits on one page (though, mine is front-back). But at least now I can make 9 copies per quarter per student instead of the old system, which took twice as much paper. If you’re interested, you can download a copy of the template; I used Chunkfive Roman and Cambria).


My weekly template for last year also used Futoshiki and Which One Doesn’t Belong, but I switched their days so that maybe I could get more positive thoughts shared right after a weekend.

I changed my plans for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This year, I’m going to use Visual Patterns on Wednesday; I didn’t want to use it last year because I’ve already used it for Algebra I and a lot of my students will have had me for both courses. Oh well, they’ll get over it. On Thursday, I’m finally going to use the SolveMe Mobiles. Someone from #MTBoS shared this resource ages ago and I’m so excited to incorporate it into the weekly warm-up. On Friday, because factoring is historically problematic, I’m going to use the Sum and Product Puzzles to get the students some practice.

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