MTBoS Mission #5: Chatting

Even though I am behind on blogging still, I did actually attend the Algebra I twitter chat last week. Following the chat was no problem; I followed along on my laptop (so, the web version of Twitter, no special apps). I even participated by responding to all the questions. It was so exciting! My iPad app, despite not using it, kept dinging to let me know I had responses. When I’d refresh the page, there’d be several new responses – I was multi-tasking (making cookies, working on lesson plans, and chatting). It was fun to read everyone’s responses to the questions as well as the conversations that developed from the responses. Everyone was so thoughtful and encouraging.

Overall, I would like to attend & participate in more chats. It seems that the algebra I and middle school math chats are always at 9pm EST (which makes sense to include people to the west), but I like to go to bed early, so staying up until 10 every week or twice a week isn’t likely to happen. However, I will pay attention to topics that are of particular interest to me and I can always read back on the tags later.


3 thoughts on “MTBoS Mission #5: Chatting

  1. I am impressed by your ability to multitask while refreshing and following a chat… don’t think I have the brainpower for that in the evening. Hope that you do find back reading of tags to be useful, and that you find a level of participation that you’re satisfied with!

  2. Whoa! Your multi-tasking skills are quite impressive! It sounds like you had a great chat experience. As a fellow early-to-bed/early-to-rise teacher, It’s nice to know that we can still get caught up by searching for the tag. I also like when the moderators use Storify to collect and share the chats. The #alg1chat is next on my gotta-check-it-out list–maybe I’ll see you there next time!!

  3. I was multi-tasking too! Sounds like you were a little more successful than I was. I’ll have to check out this chat when I end up teaching Alg 1 again someday. Thanks for sharing!

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