MTBoS Mission #3

The math teachers of the MTBoS have done an outstanding job of making interesting resources available. Just reading through the mission, I saw so many sites that I’ve heard of and used, and then there are even more to look through! I couldn’t pick just one to blog about:

  • I’ve been inspired by 101 Questions. Just today, I came across Gas Pump, which would be great during my upcoming proportions unit. I want to incorporate as many tasks and real-life examples as possible because students don’t seem to get a chance to talk about those enough. There’s no more home economics classes or shop classes to get to apply their math skills and I’m under the impression that not a whole lot goes on at home for most students either.
  • I use Estimation 180 every day in my enhanced (remedial) pre-algebra class. It’s the warm-up each day and after the first couple of minutes, during which the students complete the too high, too low, estimate, and reason, I call on someone to write all the estimates on the board; there are 15 students in the class. We compare them and see if any repeat. During the video answers, we’ll pause and ask if anyone’s changed their answers.
  • Visual Patterns is part of my Algebra I weekly warm-up schedule. The students, for the most part, seem to enjoy these days and they’ve gotten much better at sketching step 27. At first, they balked at the idea and either tried to draw the entire step 27 or they gave up all together. Sometimes they have trouble figuring out the equation and I’ll give them a hint or I may leave it until the next day so that they’ve had more time to think about it.

In the future, I’d love to use Daily Desmos, but that may wait until I teach Algebra II. What a great Problem of the Day! Also, I’m going to check out Mathagogy and Collaborative Mathematics. So many great resources to check out! I’m so grateful for stumbling onto all of them.


One thought on “MTBoS Mission #3

  1. If I had more time, I’d use 101Q so much more.

    I also used Estimation 180 for a about a week to boost students’ estimation skills, but have forgotten to use that in a while: I need to get back in the habit!

    I also enjoy Visual Patterns: have you submitted a pattern yet? You should if you can because I know that Fawn appreciates all patterns submitted. You should check out the 3D ones–I really enjoyed making some of those, and I hope they help students develop their spatial skills.

    Keep up the great work!

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