MTBoS Mission #2: Twitter

If I don’t do this blog post now, it’ll never get done.

I joined Twitter last year so that I could follow other math teachers. Primarily, I lurk and read posts and conversations (overpowered by shyness), but occasionally, I’ll respond to something. My first tweet was almost exactly a year ago:


For the MTBoS mission, I’ve followed a few new people, tagged a couple of things with #MTBoS, and shouted out to Robert Kaplinsky for inspiring me to write a task like his What Rides task. Originally, I was just going to borrow his images from the Knotts Berry Farm, but since I’m in Virginia, I decided to go with a Busch Gardens theme, since most of my students have actually been there.

I haven’t gotten the gumption yet to really introduce myself via the blog or Twitter (which of course, per the mission, should be something I try). I’m more of a passive, gently-insert-comment-into-conversation type. Maybe soon?

Hopefully I’ll contribute more to Twitter this week. Last week flew by so quickly!


10 thoughts on “MTBoS Mission #2: Twitter

  1. Hey, shy lady;
    Welcome to the Twitterverse!
    I also had a handle longe before I started to use it. But now I’m having a lot of fun. Although i often feel overwhelmed by the stuff I think I should be reading and sharing.
    What I’ve noticed is that most people are incredibly good about welcoming newcomers, answering questions, and responding to tweets.
    So jump on in – the waters are warm.

  2. Welcome! I am also impressed your first tweet included hashtags, I couldn’t figure them out for a good month. I think the best part about twitter is you can jump in and ask a question or even just put one out there. Sometimes you hear crickets…and sometimes you get awesome responses. But it’s also fun to lurk! I LOVE your adaption to Robert’s task…you took something that you could have used, but made it MEANINGFUL for your students. That extra step, that meaning is what is going to help solidify their learning and help them make connections. Way to go!

  3. Hey Sarah! I also joined Twitter (like, a week ago) so that I could follow math people. It just seemed like there was so much going on that I was missing out on, ya know? #youknowyou’reamathteacherwhen #thesearemyconfessions

    Kudos on inserting comments into conversations- I get intimidated when the threads start to become super long. Thanks for the post 🙂

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